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Extension of Parking Control to the Car Parking Spaces at Song Plaza/Brighton Square Commercial Centre

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There are limits to which you can use coins to make payments


Only banknotes and coins issued by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) are legal tender (i.e. can be used legally in Malaysia).The banknotes and coins must not be defaced for it to be legal tender. In the case of coins, there are limits to which you can use them to make payments.(The table on the right indicates the maximum limits that you can use coins to make payments.) However, there is no limit in using banknotes to make payments.

Denomination Legal Tender Status
Coins exceeding RM1
(e.g.commemorative coins
Any amount based on
the face value of the coin
50 sen Up to RM10.00
Coins less than 50 sen Up to RM2.00