Parking Coupons

Parking coupons can be purchased from all of the 34 parking coupons booths located at strategic location in the City of Kuching. Please click Find KCPS BOOTH for the one nearest to you.

The common denominations, i.e. RM0.20, RM0.50 and RM0.80, parking coupons are available at all KCPS coupon booths.

Please take note that RM0.20 parking coupons can only be used for the 1st half hour of parking, the RM0.50 parking coupons must be used for the 2nd half hour and the RM0.80 parking coupons for the 3rd half hour and every subsequent half hour thereof.

Decide on how long you are likely to stay on arrival at a parking space, scratch off completely the 5 relevant tabs (year, month, day, hour & minutes) and display the coupons prominently, visibly and neatly on the dashboard in front of you.

For those who only display a RM0.20 parking coupon when parking and when they have over parked, KCPS parking wardens will issue over parking notices (OPN) which they will have to pay within three (3) working days after the date of the OPN issued at KCPS coupon booths failing which a compound fee of RM10.00 together with over parking fee due shall be payable. Please always ensure and check your receipts when making payments at the parking booths.

Please always tear of a piece of coupon from the coupon booklet for display at the dashboard and not the whole booklet as the direct heat from the sun will dry up the ink making them hard to scratch off later.