Parking Offences Article (DBKU)

Road Transport (Provision of Parking Places) (City of Kuching North) Order 2005

RM5 Article 8(1) Parking of vehicle without displaying coupon(s) RM20 Article 3(4) Parking on any road other than in a parking place provided or designated for parking
RM50 Article 9(2) Parking of vehicle by displaying used or invalid coupon(s) RM20 Article 3(5) Parking of vehicle in a parking space not designated for that class or description of vehicle(s)
RM20 Article 10(1) Parking of vehicle by displaying coupon (s) which was/were not clearly visible RM20 Article 7(1) Parking of vehicle across any line marking the parking space or not entirely within the area delineated as parking space
RM50 Article 10(2) Parking of vehicle by failing to tear out completely the relevant tab (s) in the coupon(s) indicating the date and time of parking RM20 Article 17(2) Parking of vehicle in a space suspended and marked for the parking of vehicle belonging to the handicaped.
RM20 Article 10(3) Displaying coupon(s) indicating the time of commencement was later than the actual time of parking RM20 Article 20(1) Causing obstruction to a parking space.